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Movie Reviews
By Ariana Abedin

Are you a girl and do you like soccer? If you
are, this is the movie for you!
Bend It Like Beckham
about a girl named Jess. She is an Indian girl who
lives in London, England. She wants to be a great
soccer player like her idol, David Beckham, a famous
soccer player. There is only one thing; her family does
not think girls should play at all! But Jess does not give
up that easily.
She continues to play soccer with her friends.
One day, a girl named Jules comes to the field and
invites Jess to play on her real soccer team. Jules'
coach lets Jess join the team. New problems start
for Jess. Will she play her best?
If you want to see what Jess does, walk, run, or
fly to your closest movie theater and get two
tickets, one for you and save the other one for me,
Lizzie McGuire


By Alexis Gray

I recommend that you go see
The Lizzie McGuire Movie
. It is
exciting, funny, and entertaining.
Hilary Duff plays Lizzie. The
movie takes place in Italy. Lizzie
and her friends are visiting Rome
on a school field trip.
The fun begins when Lizzie is
mistaken for her look-alike,
Isabella. She sneaks away from
the school trip and practices for a
special award ceremony as a
singer. The problem is that
Paolo, Lizzie's singing partner, lies
to Lizzie about Isabella, his old
singing partner. He tells Lizzie
that Isabella lip synchs, which
she does not. Paolo does
himself! The movie gets really
interesting when Lizzie sings in
front of a big crowd!
You will have to watch what
happens next in this popular
movie. Go to a theater near you
and see
The Lizzie McGuire
. It is rated PG so see it
with your family and friends. I
think you will enjoy it!
The Big Fat Liar!
This movie shows that lying
doesn't get you anywhere!
Big Fat Liar
stars Frankie Muniz of
Agent Cody Banks
, Amanda
Bynes from the
and Paul Giamatti. The
story is about a boy named Jason
who tells so many lies that
nobody believes him anymore.
Jason has to write a story for his
teacher in order to avoid summer
school. Somehow, Jason looses
his work which falls into the
hands of Marty, a sneaky
Hollywood producer, who makes
a hit movie out of it! When Jason
finds out, nobody believes him,
not even his dad. Jason goes on
a trip to Los Angeles with his
friend Kaylee. Jason and Kaylee
make a four-step plan to make
Marty confess he stole his paper.
Jason has to play some pranks to
make him confess. Will Marty
You will have to find out by
going to see
Big Fat Liar
You should really see this movie.
It's awesome!