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By Gabriella Goodrich


FUN, from D1
driving, a kangaroo began
hopping beside me! My mom
called out, "Drive faster." But
the playful kangaroo stayed
next to me. So, I slowed
down and turned. I never
saw that kangaroo again.
One of my other Aussie
adventures took me to a
vineyard one and a half hours
from Rand by car. The Murray
River, the longest flowing
river in Australia, flows beside
the vineyard. The water from
the river is used to grow the
vines. What a peaceful place!
I also got to play
Australian rules football in a
tournament with my cousins.
It is a very fast and fun game.
Like basketball and soccer
combined, players bounce the
ball but punt to pass.
beautiful country with places
ready to be discovered. It
would be awesome if you go
to Australia. You would have
a blast. Take it from me,
Mate. I had fun on my
adventures in The Land Down
Summer Fashion
Girls' Fashion for 2003

0 to 12 months
Flower power is in! Dress that
baby in light colored dresses and
little tops and shorts. Anything
with a flower logo will make your
baby a fashion princess. So cute!

1 year to 5 years
A dress with short sleeves will
leave your darling, oh, so cool.
Keep her looking adorable with
hair flower clips and hair bands.
They are easy to make, too, if
you want to save some money.
You can get really creative and
glue some fake flowers onto her
sandals, too. All you need is a
hot glue gun. Use your

6 years to 13 years
Check out the new clothes in
American Girl magazine for your
fashion diva. A lot of girls do just
that! Or, dress the way that
makes you feel good. Be unique!
Just do not forget the flowers.

14 years to 18 years
The latest teen fashion is called
Lizzy Fashion. The biggest hits of
the year include capris, tank tops,
and high boots: the ultimate in
Boys' Fashion For 2003

0 to 12 months
All the usual themes are still
popular with baby wear for boys
this year. Try a short sleeve shirt
and shorts with trains, planes, or
automobiles on it to keep a baby
looking adorable. It is easier to
change those diapers with shorts
on than the one-piece outfits!

1 year to 5 years
Ahoy sailors! Boats and any
marine theme are in fashion for
young tots this year! There are
many outfits that will make the
little ones look like they just
stepped off a yacht! All young
boys look dapper in these

6 years to 13 years
I hope you do not have spider
phobia because bugs and insects
are all the rage this year! A shirt
with a giant spider is perfect for
young boys. Nobody will bother
them either! Pants with zip-off
legs will turn those hot trousers
into shorts in a flash! How

14 years to 18 years
Get your skateboards dudes!
Long shorts that go to the knee
with a chain dangling from the
belt loop are the style. A shirt
with a skateboard should do the
trick. Shirts and shorts should be
loose and big. Get comfortable!
Way cool dude!
Do you want to look your best this summer? Follow my fashion tips below
for a fashionable season. You will feel and look marvelous.