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"Czech" Out The Jewelry

Growing Up Way
By Iana Kozelsky

By Maca Basanes

Fun Down Under
By Camille Knable

See FUN, Page 7 Col. 1
Imagine a beautiful
diamond ring and a
sparkling garnet necklace.
Now, imagine very low
prices for both of these!
Prague, the capital of the
Czech Republic, is an
exciting city. Among the
many attractions are large
numbers of jewelry stores.
They display their fine
collections of beautiful
jewelry in windows around
the city.
One of the most
beautiful displays is that of
jewelry made with Czech,
dark red, Bohemian garnets.
The cut jewels are set in
silver or 14 and 24-karat
gold. But, what is most
exciting are the very
affordable prices! Changing
American dollars to Czech
Crowns is easy. Just go to
any local bank there where
you can get 28 Czech
Crowns for one U.S. dollar.
With only a few crowns you
can obtain a beautiful piece
of jewelry.
If you plan on traveling
to Europe this summer,
remember to visit a jewelry
store in Prague.
Last year I had the best
time in Australia. There
were only two things bad
about it: the plane trip and
jetlag. The plane trip took
about 31 hours and I had
jetlag for about 2-3 days!
The very first thing I did
was go to my parent's
friends' house. They lived in
New Castle, which is not far
from Sydney. While I was
there, my sister went fishing
but I did not because of my
jetlag. I saw many different
kinds of birds including
kookaburras and
budgerigars, an Australian
parakeet. I also went to
Black Butt Park where I saw
an echidna, a rare porcupine-
like animal, wombats, emus,
koala bears and kangaroos.
Australia has really cool
animals! Later, I drove with
my family to Nobby's Beach,
which is the most famous
beach in Australia. The
weather was beautiful and I
paddled in the waves while
the surfies caught the big
My parents are from Argentina. My mother is
from the capital city, Buenos Aires, while my
father is from the wine country, San Juan. Yet
their childhoods were very similar.
They remember playing games on the street
for hours without any supervision or danger.
Going to a friend's house was just a matter of
showing up at their door without an invitation.
Malls, video games, computers, game boys, color
TV, VCR or DVD movies did not exist. If a kid
wanted to have fun, they would invite a friend
over. How do you think riding on a goat's back
feels like? A visit to an aunt or grandparent's
house was an everyday event. Family was
extremely important.
Just imagine waiting for Santa Claus in your
summer clothes and imagine Santa in his heavy
suite on a 100F day. Because Argentina is in
the southern hemisphere, it is winter in our
summer months.
Recycling was a fun process; people
brought any empty glass bottles to the store if
they wanted to purchase any milk or coke. No
glass bottle. No drink!! Vacations were three
months long at the beach - no summer camps,
just beach time. There were no soccer leagues
anywhere but the boys played soccer as a
hobby. Girls did not play soccer. "Girls said
soccer was a 100% boy's game," recalls my
mom. "A girl would not even think of getting
near the ball!" Girls did gymnastics, athletic
gym, ballet, jazz dancing, field hockey and
tennis. Boys played soccer and rugby.
Argentina has not changed much over the
years. Many of the traditions of long ago still
remain. Going to Argentina would be like visiting
the past. So, when you plan your vacation, take
a blast to the past and visit Argentina!
Four days later, I took a
one-hour flight to where my
grandparents live in Rand. It
is in the middle of nowhere.
My grandpa has many acres
of land and 7,000 sheep on
his farm. There, I learned
how to drive! Once, as I was