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Michael Jordan says he is
retiring for the last time from
basketball this year.
He has had a long sports
career. He once taught a
basketball camp in 1987 while
he was still playing on the
Chicago Bulls and was a big
star. Michael Jordan played on
the Chicago Bulls for thirteen
seasons and then retired after
they won their 6th
championship. But, he missed
playing basketball too much so
he started playing again.
Michael Jordan played on the
Washington Wizards team for
two years. Recently, he retired
again. He wanted to be
President of Basketball
Operations for the Wizards. But,
it did not work out. Michael
Jordan now has some offers
from other teams for the same
Do you think Michael Jordan
will come back or leave for
There are two third grade soccer teams at Stone Ridge. I play on
the team that is coached by Mr. Haglund and Mr. Sanders. Whenever
we have a game or practice, we work together to score goals! Some
players have joined the team this year while others have joined since
the team started over three years ago. There are thirteen players on
the team. I enjoy getting to know new people and seeing friends that
are not in my class. We have fun playing and learning about soccer
together. We play at Montgomery County parks and fields. It is more
challenging to play at different fields.
Our team practices on Wednesdays at 5:00pm. Games are on
Saturdays. Because of the rain this year, we have not been able to play
many games. The colors of our team change each semester. Our team
colors this semester are red, white and blue. The positions on a soccer
team are center, left and right offense, defense, goalie and midfield. My
favorite position is center because I can go anywhere on the field!
We can only use our hands to throw in the ball after it goes out of
bounds. We pass the ball by kicking and try to score goals so we can
win! When we play soccer we have fun! We love scoring goals for Stone
Make sure to come out and watch us play next season.
Do you ever wonder
how the ice skaters get
so good? Practice makes
Skaters start out by
getting used to the ice.
Then they get a coach
to help them start
doing jumps, spins,
edges, and spirals.
Once they learn a
move, they keep
practicing until they
get it right. When
they have mastered
all of the moves,
they then can skate
in competitions
around the world
and nation. Freestyle
10 is the highest
level a skater can
reach. After they
pass Freestyle 10,
they can go to the
Olympics if they are
old enough. As a
skater myself, I
practice very hard for
at least four times a
week, and at least
one hour a day.
Practicing is hard
work. Even if you
are very good and
famous, it does not
mean that you do
not have to practice.
Even to this day, the
star skaters are
Iana with Sasha Cohen

By Emma Thayer
By Iana Kozelsky

By Alexis Gray

Michael Jordan
Retires Again!
Look at Her Go!
Scoring Goals for Stone Ridge!