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Cub Reporter

When I first came to
Stone Ridge, I felt like a
dead, brown, droopy,
flower and everyone
else was alive. I missed
the large field at my old
school and I had
homework for just one
subject. There was
homework for each
subject at Stone Ridge
and it was harder!
Learning the other
students' names was
easy. Getting used to
where all the doors,
halls, and stairways
could lead you was not
easy but it was fun.
Now it is almost
June and things are
more fun and cool. I
feel better now because
I have more friends. I
feel more like a live
flower. So much has
changed. I know how to
get around Stone Ridge
without getting lost.
Vocabulary is easier and
I have learned the
By Rebecca Pray

By Gabriella Goodrich

Since I know what it
is like to be a new at
Stone Ridge, I could
give advice to any new
student. I would tell
her to pay attention,
look up at the teacher
at all times, leave toys
at home, raise her hand
to speak, use her time
wisely, follow directions,
and have fun and learn.
Because of my
experience, I would treat
her with kindness. I
would be her friend.

By Charlotte Davidsen

Sr. Anne Dyer
is a Stone Ridge
classic! She has
headmistress for
19 years but she
has been part of
the Stone Ridge
community for
Sr. Dyer was
born in Washing-
ton, DC, but she
has lived in other
places. She has
also traveled
around the world
and visited other
Sacred Heart
Schools. Among
her favorites
ones are those in
Australia and
Sr. Dyer has
received many
honors and
awards. She is
most proud of
the Woman of
Award she
received from the
Alumnae of the
Sacred Heart.
She also earned
the Executive
Award from the
Black Student
Fund. Besides
her duties as
she also teaches
prayer to seniors
in the Upper
Sr. Dyer did
not always want
to be a nun but,
at a young age,
she says that she
heard God's call
to follow Him in
religious life.
When asked if it
would make a
difference if the
were a nun or
not, she replied,
"Anyone would
bring her special
gift to the
Sr. Dyer lives
on campus with
other nuns in the
school comm-
unity. She loves
living at the
school. "You can
get to work
easier and you
don't have to
drive. It's like
living in a
house," she says
with a smile. She
also enjoys doing
things for her
friends. "I love
to cook for my
community." Her
favorite foods are
Sr. Dyer has
many favorite
animals but, right
now, it would
have to be Phil,
their dog. She
has no special
favorite flower,
though. "My
favorite one is
whatever is on
my desk or
blooming in my
Sr. Dyer is a
special part of
Stone Ridge.
She is the best
that Stone Ridge
has ever seen.
Reflections of Third Grade
Meet Stone Ridge
At the end of third grade I figured out how to be a better Stone
Ridge student. I understood the Sacred Heart Goals better.
I paid more attention in church and really believed in the
messages that God taught us. I had a more personal and active faith
in God.
I wanted to do better in school work and try harder. My creative
writing has improved. Through practice, I can now write better
stories. I learned the four kinds of writing: descriptive, narrative,
persuasive, and expository. My favorite is descriptive!
During my year in third grade, I realized what it means to be poor
and to help people. I collected clothes and toys for poor children and
made cards for the elderly in the nursing home. I am now ready to
serve my community.
I was able to build community in my classroom. My teacher taught
me how to work together with my classmates. We did a lot of
projects in groups which really improved our friendships. We learned
to get along and share our ideas.
In third grade, I grew up! I had the freedom to make choices
not always the right choices. But, I tried to be wise in my decisions at
school. I tried to live out the Sacred Heart goals. Now, I am a better
student and ready to go to fourth grade!