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By Alexandra Zimmerman
Gator News
Little Joseph Aron is Coming!

New Head Takes Charge

3N Kangaroos
By Kate Kiernan

By Chloe Nickens
It seems that, this year, every
student in 3N has a sugar well in her
home. We have a hyper world up in
here. But eventhough I am writing
this article does not mean I am not
one of those bouncy kangaroos.
We always say funny things and
laugh but also have fun learning. We
usually start out with dull jokes but,
by gouter, we are pumped up and
ready to do comedy.
One thing that helps is that we all
have a good sense humor. We all
have our own way of telling jokes.
During spelling and dictation we
make hilarious comments about the
sentences Ms. Nasser uses. Things
can sometimes get wild. Many
people might think we are sugar-
happy students. In reality, we just
love learning.
Maybe we should start a new
comedy series. Later days.

Mrs. Aron's baby is
coming soon. She is
getting ready for her
little boy, Joseph Aron.
Mrs. Aron is nervous
about having her first
baby but is excited at
the same time. "I am
pretty sure I can handle
one baby," she giggled.
She says that she is not
quite ready for the baby
but she has already
gotten furniture, clothes,
and toys.
Before finding out
she was going to have a
baby, she exercised a
lot. But, now, she is not
as active. Mrs. Aron has
been eating a lot of
pizza, pasta, and chicken
lately. She now eats for
Mrs. Aron has loved
teaching here while
being pregnant. Most of
the kids she teaches
think that it feels
different to have a
teacher that is expecting
a baby. They also think
her personality has not
changed at all. She is
the same person inside
eventhough she is
getting bigger on the
Mrs. Aron is very
excited about having a
baby and cannot wait
until he arrives.
This year at Stone Ridge,
the Lower School got a new
head. Ms. Kathryn Bonner
was that person. Last year,
when Mrs. Wright left, Ms.
Bonner was ready to take
charge. Everyone was happy
and sad at the same time -
sad because Mrs. Wright was
leaving but happy because
Ms. Bonner was going to be
the new head.
Ms. Bonner had some
strange feelings about her
new job. "I was excited and
scared" she explains. "It was
a great feeling though." She
is looking forward to many
different things in the years
to come. Ms. Bonner loves
being around the kids and
faculty. She also has many
hobbies outside of work.
She enjoys photography,
baking and hanging out with
her friends. Not always is
she having fun, though. As
part of her job, she has to go
to very long meetings. Some
can be less interesting than
others. "It feels like I go to 500
meetings a week!" she said.
"There is only one thing that is
really hard," she admits, "and
that is making choices."
Ms. Bonner was a student at
Stone Ridge just like you and
me! She started in Kindergarten
and graduated from the Upper
School in 1989. After she
finished, she attended Trinity
University which is located in
Texas. There, she studied
journalism and how to be on
television. She also earned a
Master's Degree in teaching.
Ms. Bonner has a tough job
but she loves it. She adds,
"When Mrs. Wright said that
being head was the best job, she
was right!"