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Charlotte and Cokie
3N poses with Cokie Roberts on
May 13

It's Father's
By Charlotte Davidsen
By Kate Kiernan

Cokie Roberts is a famous
journalist but she is also my great
Cokie started her journalistic
career in 1964 after graduating
from college when she began
working for a television program
in Washington D.C. On it, she
interviewed members of the
foreign press about U.S. public
policy. Her husband, Steve, was
also a journalist so they traveled
the world together. Being a
journalist came naturally to her
because she loved to write!
When Cokie first got on
television, she was very young.
She remembers feeling both
scared and excited about her
new, interesting, and fun job.
After 39 years in the business,
Cokie admits, "Sometimes it is
very hard to think up new ideas
particularly if you have been
covering one subject or beat for a
long time. It is hard for me to
tell which story is most
interesting or which person is
most interesting because they all
are in their own way."
Cokie does love to write!
Publishing books gives her the
chance to write something more
than articles. She believes that,
through her books, her work
stays alive because people save
books and read them years after
they have been published.
When Cokie got her first book
published, she was so excited!
She could not believe that she
could walk into a bookstore and
see something that she had
written stacked on the shelves. It
makes her extremely happy when
people tell her that they like her
books. She has already published
two books and is working on a
third one. In addition to her
writing, Cokie loves to read, cook,
and visit family in her spare time.
Journalist Shares Her Story
For Cokie it is a lot of fun to
be a journalist. "You get to meet
all kinds of different people and
learn about their lives.
Everybody has an interesting
story to tell." In terms of being
famous, Cokie is happy when
strangers come up to her and tell
her they like her work. Over the
years, it was not easy raising a
family and work as hard as she
did. Now that her children are
grown, it is much easier to
dedicate time for work. Her
children say they had a good time
growing up so she thinks it
turned out all right.
Recently, Cokie Roberts
visited my class. She gave us tips
on how to be good writers and
journalists. It is great to know her
as a famous journalist, a writer,
an aunt, and a friend.

In the month of June,
there is a day called Father's
Day. It is a day to celebrate
dads. Father's Day is a day
when families give a little
extra love and respect to Dad.
Families have special
traditions for celebrating
Father's Day. Some may get
into the car and go to dad's
favorite place to eat.
Afterward, they might go to
their father's favorite ice
cream shop. Other families
prefer to stay home and make
dad's favorite meal just the
way he loves it. Later, they
might sit around a warm fire
and give dad nice gifts. Kids
can make it extra special by
helping make dinner or by
making dad their own cards
and presents.
Remember that Father's
Day is just around the corner
and time is running out to buy
Dad a present. So do not
forget to surprise him on
Sunday, June 15, with the
biggest surprise that he has
ever had. Everyone loves
Father's Day because
everyone loves their dad.